Where Your Money Goes

Every dollar we make supports animals at the Maryland SPCA

When you bring your pet to Neighborhood Vet Care, you’re also paying it forward to animals in need.

Every year, the Maryland SPCA saves thousands of dogs and cats who are homeless, hungry, and hurting. Some need basic vaccines, fluids, and warmth. Others are emergency cases who may need surgery or blood transfusions. When a pet comes through its doors, the MD SPCA is ready for anything.

These are a few of the comeback stories you and your pet make possible.

Debbie Walnut

At 10 months old, Debbie Walnut was found stray, dehydrated, and unable to use her back legs. The MD SPCA veterinary team provided round-the-clock care for weeks. Through their love and dedication, Debbie learned to walk. Now she’s running around a loving forever home.


Clover came to the MD SPCA with severe ear pain. X-rays revealed ulcerated tissue down by her ear drum. Dr. Rochelle Lida performed a complicated surgery to remove the obstruction. While Clover recovered, her foster mom Shababa fell in love and adopted her.


Apollo was born deaf. He arrived at the MD SPCA having walked on a broken leg for many months. To prevent crippling health problems later in life, the MD SPCA veterinary team was forced to amputate. Apollo never gave up, adjusting beautifully to life as a tripod. Thanks to MD SPCA staff and an amazing foster dad, Apollo found a perfect forever home.