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When you bring your pet to Neighborhood Vet Care, you’re paying it forward to animals at the Maryland SPCA.

Savannah arrived in rough shape at the MD SPCA. She was so thin that her muscles were wasting away. Her eyes were sunken, and her nails were overgrown and soft. She had pressure sores, was covered in feces, and had urine scalds on her legs.

After an exam, our team immediately gave her a warm, gentle bath. Then they set her up with a blanket, heating pad, IV fluids, and food. They carefully monitored her for a week before sending her to a wonderful foster home.

Savannah’s foster family followed our medication and diet plan, starting with chicken and rice and gradually mixing in dog food.

On June 1, Savannah’s check-up confirmed she was gaining weight at a healthy pace. After another two weeks in foster, she was medically cleared for adoption!

This comeback pup found the perfect forever family. Her new mom says she’s a “sweet, silly, loving dog who has flourished with lots of love.”