When you bring your pet to Neighborhood Vet Care, you’re paying it forward to animals at the Maryland SPCA. 

Little Miss Muffett was found alone in a park. Her long hair was badly matted, causing severe pain. When she arrived at the MD SPCA, the vet team had to sedate her to complete her exam and shave the matted fur. Then they provided meds and vaccines and gave her a condo in the shelter. 

Over the following week, Miss Muffett’s stress was affecting her appetite. Senior pets can also be more vulnerable, and she developed an upper-respiratory infection. The MD SPCA placed her in a loving foster home with anxiety meds and antibiotics. 

It took a whole month for Miss Muffett to adjust. She slowly became affectionate with her foster parent as well as the resident cat. 

Before she knew it, Miss Muffett was ready for adoption! She quickly found an adopter, who picked up supplies at the MD SPCA’s flea-less market and took her home the next day. 

Now this kitty is living the good life.